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Best burgers in Chamonix

Chamonix has a pretty extensive mix of restaurants for almost every taste and budget, but sometimes all you're hankering for after a day on the mountain is a good, hearty burger

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Our pick of the best places to grab a tasty burger.

Whether you prefer yours veggie, with chicken, pork, traditional minced beef or even without a bun, there's a great choice in Chamonix - you just need to know where to look. 

two plates of burgers in a bar


MBC (Micro brasserie de Chamonix) can be found near the sports centre on the road heading from Chamonix towards Les Praz. The have a great variety of burgers on the menu and you can order your burger with half a bun or no bun at all. 

two plates of burgers

Moö Bar

Moö Bar is easy to find near the main train station in the centre of Chamonix. They serve delicious Korean or BBQ pulled pork burgers, a new beef and chorizo burger, a veggie burger and the more traditional Moö burger which is topped with bacon, cheddar and BBQ sauce. 

burger chips and beer


Next door to Möo Bar, Elevation is also easy to find. Here you can have a fish finger burger, chicken and avocado burger, a XXXL cheeseburger, a BBQ Hawaiian burger or just a straight forward classic burger. Ask for a hash-brown in your burger to beef it up a bit or a side of snack wedges.

burger with chips in the bun

Poco Loco

Poco Loco in the centre of Chamonix is one of the easiest to find, just down the high street from the main square. If you're looking for a quick bite to eat get there ahead of the main lunchtime rush. They don't take bookings, so getting there early or late to grab a seat upstairs is a good idea. They serve burgers in the biggest buns in Chamonix, a with a choice of chicken or beef burgers and you can opt to have your chips in the bun or on the side. 

burger and chips

Kitsch Inn

The Kitsch Inn is another contender in Les Houches, located just behind the Bellevue lift at the foot of the pistes. They have classic cheeseburgers on the menu as well as the Old blue burger, which comes with blue cheese and a veggie burger with feta, pea, bean and coriander. They serve up their burgers in bio buns too. 

burger close up Bighorn Chamonix

Bighorn Bistro

Bighorn Bistro is an American run restaurant in Chamonix Sud with three burgers on the menu. The Original Bighorn burger which comes with caramelised onions and cheddar, the Gauge burger - a blend of elk, bacon and beef blend and a Falafel burger with feta and red pepper for the veggies.

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Le Delice

Le Delice in Les Houches is a great place to stop for lunch or dinner and they have two burgers on the menu - one vegetarian lentil burger with avocado and crème fraîche, or the meaty beef burger. This comes with a delicious tomato chutney, cheese and bacon. Both come with homemade fries.

a burger on a plate

Le Vert

Le Vert is just on the outskirts of Chamonix centre, in Gaillands, and has a lovely restaurant plus a bar. You can enjoy a choice of grilled chicken burger with jalapenos and black pepper aioli, beef burger with cheese and gherkins or the spiced veggie bean burger.

More inspiration...

If you're not in the mood for a burger, there are plenty of other choices of places to dine out in Chamonix. The choice is yours.