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Car parking in Chamonix

Discover and book Chamonix car-parks


There are around 4,000 car parking spaces in Chamonix. This may sound a lot, but they fill up quickly.  

The only time you’re guaranteed to get a parking space in Chamonix is during the off-season months (October and November, and late April to early June).

The rest of the time, it can be crazy busy - especially during:

  • February half term weeks
  • Mont Blanc Marathon week in late June
  • UTMB week at the end of August

At those times, it’s always better to leave your car at your accommodation and take the bus or train instead.

Other times, if you really need to drive in, here are a few tips to make your life easier.

Parking du Biolay Chamonix

Free parking

The first place to try in Chamonix is Parking Biolay on Avenue Cachat le Géant.

If that’s full, you could try: 

  • behind the train station on Rue Helbronner
  • along Route du Bouchet

If they’re all full

There are short term parking zones, known as Blue Zones, which have a maximum parking time of either 30 minutes or one hour (between 08:00 and 19:00) depending on the location. You need to use a standard European parking disk and leave it in the windscreen. You can get these at the town hall or the police municipal office near the train station.

If you still can't find a free space, you’ll probably need to use one of the paid car parks. 

It’s a bit easier to park for free in places like Les Houches, Argentière and Le Tour. Roadside spots are easier to find too. 

If you do get lucky with roadside parking during winter, bear in mind that snowploughs will need to get past.

It’s also worth remembering that some free car parks aren’t snow cleared. If it dumps overnight, you may find yourself burning more calories with a shovel than you do over the rest of your ski holiday.

Le Tour car park

Parking for the ski lifts

Some of the ski lifts in Chamonix still have free parking, but this is being slowly phased out to be replaced by parking meters, as Chamonix moves towards encouraging people to use the buses and trains rather than their cars.

The lift car parks are often full by 09:00. Expect them to be even busier over Christmas and the February half term.

Our tip would be to get there early, nab a spot and go for a coffee until the lifts crank into life.

Le Tour
Paid car park. The later you arrive, the further down the hill you’ll be. If it’s full, you may be able to find a few spaces up the side roads to the right, but these are narrow residential streets so beware of blocking anyone in or parking in someone private parking spot.

Grands Montets
This is a huge car park and the later you arrive, the further from the lift you’ll be. The car park is at least flat. If it’s full, you might be able to get a spot alongside the road in Les Chosalets or up in Argentière itself.

Relatively small, flat car park. All spaces are close to the lift, but they fill up quickly. If it’s full, there are one or two spaces alongside the Route des Praz, but you’ll end up having to walk a long way.

Paid car park. The car park at the lift is relatively small and fills up quickly. If it’s full, your best bet is to try to get into the Saint Michel car park at the bottom of the hill. You’ll have to hike back up the hill, but it’s only about 10 minutes. 

Prarion (Les Houches)
Large car park that fills surprisingly quickly. The later you arrive, the further away from the lifts you’ll be (if you even get a space). It’s a flat walk though. If it’s full, follow the snaking road up under the lift. You might just find a spot up there, but don't try it if you don't have snow tyres and four-wheel drive, it's not a good place to get stuck.

3VB02 Apartment, Brides-Les-Bains (Three Valleys) parking space

Indoor or covered parking

If you don’t fancy clearing the snow off your car every morning in winter, there are three covered parking spots. 

Covered car parks in Chamonix
Car park Location Spaces
Saint-Michel 611 Allée du Recteur Payot 310
Place du Mont Blanc Ave du Mont Blanc 238
Entrèves Promenade Marie Paradis, Chamonix Sud 150

Parking Saint-Michel
Convenient for the town centre, tourist office, cinema, ski school meeting place and the Maison de la Montagne

Parking Place du Mont Blanc
Ideal for the sports centre, ice rink, town centre and the Saturday market

Parking Entrèves
Use for Chamonix Sud and bus station

These are paid parking, but the first hour is free. 

Les Praz

Outdoor parking

There are a number of outdoor car park options.

All of these car parks are operated with electronic barriers and ticked pay machines. Simply take a ticket, park and pay at the machine on your return. Please note, with the exception of Grépon, these aren't long term parking options.

Outdoor car parks in Chamonix
Car park Location Spaces
Grépon Chemin a Batioret 800 summer / 400 winter
Allobroges Rue des Allobroges 72
Médiatheque Route du Bouchet 45
Lionel Terray Allée Recteur Payot 42
Fond des Gires Route du Bouchet 75
Courmayeur Route des Pèlerins 45
Corzolet Route du Bouchet 130
Tennis Rue Joseph Vallot 110
Outa Allée Recteur Payot 60
Poilu car park Chamonix

Disabled parking

All of Chamonix’s car parks have disabled access. Saint-Michel has lifts on floors 1, 3 and 5.

For assistance getting into town once you’ve parked, there’s a free shuttle bus (Le Mulet) that stops close to many of Chamonix’s car parks, including Chamonix’s biggest car park, Grépon.

Le Mulet does laps of Chamonix town centre.

A silver car is parked next to a red car

How much it costs to park in Chamonix

Most paid car parks give you an hour free. But if you’re staying long term, you’ll need to watch out. For 24 hours in a car park like Outa, it will set you back more than you might think. 

The best place in Chamonix for long term parking is Grépon.

Electric car parking

Where to charge your electric car

Chamonix is gradually adding charging stations to its car parks. You can charge your car in the following places.

Chamonix car parks with electric charging points
Car park Location
Allobroges Rue des Allobroges
Courmayeur Route des Pèlerins
Corzolet Route du Bouchet
Entreves Promenade Marie Paradis, Cham Sud
Médiathèque Route du Bouchet
Mont Blanc Ave du Mont Blanc
Saint-Michel 611 Allée du Recteur Payot
Tennis Rue Joseph Vallot

These are paid parking.

There are also charging points behind the Town Hall.

rows and rows of motor homes parked up in a summer resort

Motorhome parking

France is much more tolerant of van lifers than many other European countries. 

In summer, you’ll find plenty of vans parked up in the woods around Les Bois, as well as along the side of the Route du Bouchet. In general, if you’re respectful of your surroundings, you shouldn’t run into too many problems. 

The only official car park for motorhomes in Chamonix is Grépon. This is open all year round and there’s a ‘flot bleu’ here for sewage removal, water and electricity.

There's a 2m height restriction between December and mid-March.  

If you’re planning on staying for a while and want a few more creature comforts, why not stay in one of Chamonix’s campsites?