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July in Chamonix: What's On & Weather

Climbing, concerts and trail running events

With summer well and truly upon us, there is a whole host of events for the upcoming month in Chamonix. From wild parties to adrenaline-fuelled entertainment and high altitude mountain sports, there's something for every kind of holidaymaker.

As the weather heats up in the valley, a whole host of outdoor events begin to spring up and you will find you can be out and about in the town and the mountains from sunrise until well after sunset. 

There's a lot to keep you occupied and we love getting out amongst it all. We don't have to venture far to find some entertainment - from music to cultural festivals, mountaineering workshops to endurance races, there's something for all ages and abilities.

Read on for a look at what we like to do in resort throughout July.

What's the weather like in Chamonix in July?

Average temperatures generally sit between a low of 11°C and a high of 22°C, meaning apart from a passing heatwave or the occasional shower to freshen things up it's a great time to be here.

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What's on in Chamonix July 2019

What's on in Chamonix in July?

Climbing World Cup
Every year, Chamonix hosts the Climbing World Cup, during which the finest speed and technical climbers descend on the resort for three days of astonishing artificial climbing wall action. Organised by the FFME (French Federation for Climbing and Mountaineering) and the Chamonix Club des Sports, the event is held at the Place du Mont Blanc where there will be two specially built climbing walls and a big screen. Over the three days, heats and finals are held to find the best male and female climbers in both the speed and sport climbing disciplines.

The Cosmo Jazz Festival 
An imaginative mix of live music and different mountain locations. This festival is the fruit of the imagination of André Manoukian, with live concerts set in some of Chamonix's most amazing settings, such as at the top of the Aiguille du MidiLac Blanc and Grand Montets. Back in town, the streets resonate to the jazzy sound of brass bands every afternoon, before musicians gather together at the Cosmo Jam sessions until the end of the night.

Bastille Day
Bastille Day is celebrated across the whole of France with a bang. Well, several bangs in fact, as fireworks always feature heavily. The residents of the Chamonix valley celebrate this national holiday with as much enthusiasm as the rest of the country and various activities are held on 14th July, in memory of the Storming of the Bastille on the same date in 1789. Fireworks usually take place as part of the closing ceremony of the Climbing World Cup at Place Mont Blanc. Events are generally free of charge.

There are a couple of trail running events that you can either get involved with or simply watch the races themselves.

The Club des Sports d'Argentière offers two races in which you will discover the villages of Argentière and Lavancher, the pastures of the Pendant and Peclerey where a breathtaking view of Mont Blanc, Le Verte and Les Drus awaits. Called L'Argentrail, the 27km race can be tackled solo or in relay teams, whilst the 14km is a solo event.

Tour des Fiz
The setting for the Trail du Tour des Fiz is the Fiz Massif, a spectacular natural reserve located between Chamonix and Samoens. The course runs through the Mont Blanc massif, usually at the end of the month, and features five different adult races, from the 15km Balcons de Fiz to the 85km Ultra Tour des Fiz Mountain Medic - a technical race format that includes cables and high altitude passages with no markings or supplies - definitely not one for beginners. And there's even a set of races for children aged between three and 16 years, ranging from 600m to 4.5km.  

Arc'teryx Alpine Academy
Arc'teryx have been hosting the world's biggest educational event for mountain enthusiasts in Chamonix for the last ten years. A popular event that attracts beginners and expert participants from across the world seeking to gain and increase their alpine knowledge and experiences through workshops and activities. Arc'teryx brings together enthusiasts, athletes and guides to share and learn skills in mountaineering, ice climbing, rock climbing, first aid and medicine, navigation and much more, plus providing a platform for discussions on key topics such as the impact of global warming. Lots of free events take place around the Academy including movie nights, concerts and demonstrations. 

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What's on in Chamonix July 2019

Things to do

As the streets fill up with people and the temperatures rise, it's a perfect time to hit the water and cool off. And this is Chamonix, so of course we don't mean take a leisurely's got to be extreme, right.
And there are many ways to get an adrenaline fix in and amongst the rivers and waterfalls of the valley. Try some white water rafting down the Arve, the popular route will take you straight through town and down towards Les Houches, or for the braver souls amongst you there's hydrospeed, where you'll navigate the rivers and rapids on your own foam float. Alternatively you can jump through waterfalls and down nature's own water slides with a morning of canyoning. Take a look at what you can do here.

Tour de France
If you're in the Chamonix valley in the month of July, you may be lucky enough to get to see the Tour de France cycling race, as some years one of the stages has passed nearby, only a short drive down the valley. Every year it's worth looking at the nearest spot you can spectate, or alternatively many of the bars in town will show the race where you can watch with a cold drink in hand.

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rafting down a white water river

More inspiration...

For more happenings in Chamonix this July, check out our events calendar.

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