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Ueli Steck beats Kilian Jornet's Mont Blanc record

New speed ascent record from the Italian side of Mont Blanc

featured in News & Reviews Author Ellie Mahoney, Chamonix Editor Published

On 18th August, Swiss speed climbing legend Ueli Steck has seemingly smashed the record set by Catalan ski mountaineer and long distance runner Kilian Jornet to climb Mont Blanc from the Italian side. 

Steck's new time of 5 hours 30 minutes, shaves 50 minutes off Jornet's record of 6 hours 22 to the top of Europe's tallest mountain, which he set in 2014.

The route up from the Italian side on the Inominata Ridge is much steeper and involves more technical climbing, which is probably why Steck had an advantage. His total round trip from a campsite above Courmayeur, to the summit and back again took him a mere 9 hours 25 minutes.  

Here's what he said on his facebook post:

"Great run on Mont Blanc Inominata Ridge. Leaving the Campground Sorgente in Val Veny at 5:03. After 1 h arriving at the Monzino hut for a short 20 minutes Breakfest. After a good Coffee at the Hut my engine startet to run much better. 1h 45 min. to the Eggles Bivy and totaly 5h 30min i reaching the Summit of Montblanc. Still having a great frozen track i arriving 2h 10 min. later at the Torino Hut. From there its only a long run back down to the Campground in Val Veny. Total time 9h 25 min. Just had a great day out in the Mountains. Conditions are incredible for the Moment you might see me again up there next week! There is still lots to climb!"