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Meet The Locals in Chamonix

Get to know Chamonix's who's who

A behind the scenes guide to life, lifts and logistics in Chamonix Mont-Blanc

Antoine Burnet & Mathieu Dechavanne: Compagnie du Mont Blanc, Chamonix

With fresh snow up high and just a few weeks to go until the lifts open, Chamonix is buzzing with anticipation as we wait...

Talking Numbers with the Manager of Intersport Rental Website

Aurelien De Pierrefeu: Intersport Rental France

Hiring skis in Chamonix is easier than ever now that you...

Meet one of the team behind one of the toughest Endurance Races we've ever heard of

Carlton Rowlands: Co-Founder of Evergreen Endurance

2015 saw the birth of Evergreen Endurance, a totally new and extremely challenging set of triathlon races taking...

Chamonix local tells us what it's really like to run a UTMB race

Chamonix CCC: Interview with Ultra-Trail Runner Kaz Williams

As torrential rain, snow at altitude and freezing temperatures all hit the valley last weekend, thousands of trail...

BASE Jumping in Chamonix Mont Blanc with Ellen Brennan

Ellen Brennan: Chamonix BASE Jumper & World's Fastest Flying Woman

Adventure sports in Chamonix are nothing new. The town and the mountains almost birthed the adventure sports scene in...

Step back in time & learn about the man who built these unique Alpine chalets & the family of the woman that now owns them

Florence Kielholz: Owner / Manager of Les Chalets de Florence

Just a short walk from the centre of Chamonix on a little side road to Route des Pecles are two very unique chalets with...

Chamonix from a Mountain Guide's Perspective

Fred Brehe: Chamonix Mountain Guide

Mountain Guides in Chamonix are almost as famous as the legendary mountains themselves. As the undisputed home of...

An insider's guide to life as a pro skier, freeskiing in Chamonix and who to look out for in the 2013 Freeride World Tour

Fred Syversen: Chamonix Based Skier With World Record for Highest Cliff Jump

As the best freeriders in the world gather in Revelstoke this weekend for the first stop on the all-new

Meet the hairdresser with ideas for bringing sustainable gardening to Chamonix

Guillaume Pras: Hairdresser & Permaculturist

There has been lots of chat recently about the air quality in Chamonix, our impact on the environment, global warming,...

High heels or mountaineering boots?

Heather Swift: Head of Rentals at Mountain Base

High heels or mountaineering boots? A common dilemma, especially for a lot of the women who live in the Chamonix Valley.....

Adventures vs stuffed marmottes, dangling in crevasses & hanging with Snoop Dog

Jacinta McHale: Tour & Chalet Operator Liaison / Sales Manager with Evolution 2

Some people here in Chamonix have very enviable jobs, including Jacinta McHale who is the bubbly 'Visage Anglais'...

The World is Not Enough for this ex-chef turned mountain guide

Jean-Marie Olianti: Chamonix Mountain Guide

When most of us think about a career in the French Alps we can only dream of being a top Chef, daring rock climber or...

Jonas tells us about the last 20 years at one of Chamonix’s busiest bars

Jonas Smart: Owner of The Pub

This weekend marks a special birthday in Chamonix - on Saturday night we’ll be celebrating

'Douds' talks about winning the FWT and snowboarding in Chamonix

Jonathan 'Douds' Charlet : Chamonix Born and Bred Pro Snowboarder

Chamonix's own Jonathan 'Douds' Charlet is one of the best snowboarders in the world right now. In 2012 he...

From ski bum to published novelist

Jonathan Trigell: Award Winning Author

Jonathan Trigell is the acclaimed author of 4 very different novels, taking everything from his seasonaire days in...

Chamonix's luxury chalet experts

Lisa Davis - Director at Amazon Creek

Lisa Davis came to Chamonix eight years ago as a yoga instructor, having spent time teaching yoga in the UK and the...

Making your luxury Chamonix ski holiday that little more special

Martin Bromley: General Manager of Les Rives d'Argentiere

Les Rives d'Argentiere or 'Les Rives' as the business is known locally, comprises of 4 separate luxurious...

The property duo share skiing tips, what makes Chamonix special & what brought them here

Matt Edelsten & Andy Symington: Directors at Mountain Base

You often hear or know of people who have set up a chalet / apartment rental business or a property sales business, but...

Meet one of the most qualified British Snowboard Instructors in the Chamonix Valley

Paul McKeen: Founder of Horsemouth Snowboarding

It takes a long time and a lot of effort to become a fully qualified snowboard instructor, and especially to get...

Shaking up the nationalities of Chamonix & bringing us all together

Petter Wallberg: ChamShake Founder & Entrepreneur

We all have our separate groups and clicks of friends here in the Chamonix valley, and we're all aware that this...

An Anglo-Indian chef passionate about food and the mountains

Roo Hasan - Owner at PomPom Private Catering

Roo Hasan decided to set up a private catering business in the Alps after training as an illustrator in the UK. In...

Work hard...and play harder!

Ross Cluley: Owner of Mountain Highs, LOCAL CHX & Cafe Bluebird

From the standard hoody and jeans combo that is a wardrobe staple you'd never suspect that this man was an...

Flying, biking, skiing, climbing.. it's all about the lifestyle here in Chamonix!

Sean Potts: Owner of Fly Chamonix

Chamonix draws people from all around the world with interests in a variety of different sports and activities and over...

The dangers of following Sat Navs, the best coffee in Geneva airport and sleeping in the off-season

Simon Hills: Mountain Drop-Offs Airport Transfer Company

If ever there was a prize given out to ‘the unsung heroes in the Alps’, airport transfer companies would...

The Original Swedish Chef Returns to Chamonix

Stefan Jerkfelt: Executive Head Chef at Chambre Neuf

When it comes to the apres ski scene in Chamonix, it doesn't get better than a night out in

Guided Photography Walks, Inspiring Locations And Magical Local Encounters

Teresa Kaufman: Professional Photographer

The Chamonix valley is one of the most visually spectacular places and home to Western Europe's highest mountain -...

Chamonix Running Team Who Race for Charity

The Neverest Girls

Chamonix brings lots of people together in ways they could never have imagined through hanging out on the trails, on the...

Preview of this weekend's 50km trail running event in Chamonix

Trail des Aiguilles Rouges: Interview with Chamonix Trail Runner Nikki Barnard

Nothing says ‘autumn in Chamonix’ more than morning frosts, long sleeves, quiet crags, and of course the...

Find out how the weather is predicted and how accurate it can be from the man behind

Yves-Marie Maquet : Weather Forecaster & Publisher

We met with Yves-Marie Maquet to find out more about the weather in Chamonix and learned all about crime fiction, 17th...

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