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Latest Gear: Sweet Protection Mountain Bike Helmets

Summer's almost here so we've got some MTB Helmets for you to have a look at
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Norwegian brand Sweet Protection make some of the best ski and snowboard helmets on the market, perhaps the best. Over the past couple of years they have started to develop a range of mountain biking helmets too. The range takes all the technology that Sweet used to make their ski and snowboard helmets and incorporates it into bike specific design.

One of the things Sweet are well known for is the use of carbon fiber in their helmet construction and many of the models in the mountain bike range use the material to great effect. Carbon fibre is stiff, strong and light so is an ideal material to use in helmet production. It can also be laminated in different thicknesses and in multiple directions to create an ideal level of protection over differing areas of the helmet.

Many of the lids in the range this summer also feature Sweet’s excellent MIPS concept. The Multi Directional Impact System has been developed to reduce brain injuries by addressing side and oblique impacts to the head a common type of impact that may result from a fall. MIPS works by allowing the helmet to rotate slightly relative to the head in the event of an impact. This allows the helmet to absorb more force that it would do otherwise. MIPS is a great safety feature and a good example of how progressive Sweet are when it comes to thinking about helmet design and safety.

Two models form the core of Sweet’s mountain bike range; the Fixer and the Bushwhacker. The Fixer comes in both a standard and full face version. The standard version has a carbon fibre reinforced shell for great strength to weight ratio, combined with a low volume fit and good adjustability. The carbon MIPS version provides even more strength and protection due to carbon fibre being used throughout the whole helmet combined with the MIPS system. The Fixer Full Face incorporates all the features of the Fixer and is available in both the standard and carbon MIPS versions too. The Bushwhaker is lighter than the Fixer and has a more open shell construction for improved ventilation. It still provides more protection than your average lid though with its 5 piece polycarbonate construction that has varying thicknesses to optimize the protection to weight ratio. Sweet have clearly paid a lot of attention to venting on the Bushwhaker which should enable it to used over a wide range of temperatures. The extra internal pads, along with Sweet’s proven Occigrip rear dial fit system, should also ensure that the Bushwhaker fits a wide variety of head shapes too.

Sweet helmets are expensive and they’re not the lightest on the market. They are however incredibly well designed and very well made. Through some pretty advanced design and technology they offer the serious mountain biker outstanding protection and durability. 

Check the whole range of helmets along with Sweet’s range of bike apparel on their website & have a look at the video below where World Champion of the World Enduro Series, Tracy Moseley, talks about why she chose to ride with the Fixer Fullface Full Carbon MIPS helmet.


  • Fixer = 299 Euro - 499 Euro depending on the model
  • Bushwhaker = 169 Euro - 249 Euro depending on the model


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