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Austrian Mountaineer Tries to take his 5 year old Son to Summit Mont Blanc

Thankfully the PGHM made the pair turn back

Featured in: | Ellie Mahoney, Chamonix Editor | Published
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Did you hear the one about the Austrian mountaineer that tried to summit Mont Blanc with his 5 year old son? No it's not a joke..

Last week two PGHM patrollers intercepted a man and his young son attempting to reach the Tete Rousse glacier at 3200m. This incident comes only weeks after an American mountaineer and his two children (9 & 11 years of age) were caught on camera being avalanched whilst trying to set a new world record for the youngest person to climb Mont Blanc.

Apparently the PGHM, who are now policing routes up to Mont Blanc for the second year running, had to negotiate with the Austrian man for some time before he eventually agreed to turn back with his 5 year old boy.

The mayor of St Gervais, who spoke out recently about people treating Mont Blanc like 'an amusement park' , said that temperatures of minus 20 degrees and high winds up to 150 kmph, are not the kind of environment for a young child to be in.