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Peak Performance Store, Chamonix

Technical and fashion store

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Ever since Peak Performance began in 1986, we have made it our business to combine sport and style in a unique fusion. Today we are one of Scandinavia's leading brands in sport fashion and we are aiming to make Peak Performance a brand with a world-wide profile.

One of the most basic Peak Performance characteristics is the wide range of products we market. If we can't find a glove that passes our standard, we get an expert designer to design one for us, then choose the best possible supplier to manufacture it. This is our guiding philosophy, from what appears to be a simple T-shirt to the most advanced winter jacket on the market. You, the buyer, deserve the best, and we'll make it for you.

General Stores are the name of our own outlets. These shops convey the ultimate Peak Performance feeling. Having our own stores allows us to present Peak exactly how we want to and gives us a valuable opportunity to interact with our customers face-to-face. It also lets us present new products and materials out in the real world. Today there are 22 Peak Performance General Stores world-wide, where the public can find our full range of products. We found it was fitting to be surrounded by the highest peaks in Europe, which is why we have our flagship French store in Chamonix.


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  • Rue Dr Paccard Chamonix 74400 France
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