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Casa Valerio Restaurant, Chamonix - Centre

Popular pizzeria and Italian restaurant, their award-winning pizzas really are the star of the show here

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Famous amongst the Chamonix locals, this restaurant never fails to impress every time you eat there. This is the most authentic of Italians, run by Fanny and Valerio, the restaurant supplies all sorts of mouth watering dishes to get stuck into!

Apart from pasta and pizza, this restaurant also serves salads, carpaccios, seafood and a selection of elegantly presented fresh fish and meat dishes, all of course in the Italian style.

This restaurant has won awards for its pizzas, most notably the Margherita Napoletana Extra, all of which are cooked in the wood-burning oven situated in the dining area of the restaurant. The thin base and excellent ingredients make them some of the best in the Chamonix valley. The menu boasts over 50 pizzas including the white pizzas with no tomato sauce. If you need help deciding then why not be guided by one of the 3-course lunch menus or 4-course dinner menu for some of the house specialities.

Open every day from 12:00 to 23:30.


Map of the surrounding area